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Vol. 25, no. 7. July 31, 2017. QC. Edited by Fr. DelaGoza, CM

896. Presbyteral Ordination of Hermy Colina (July 22). 

The defining moment of life arrived  to Hermy  Colina last  July 22 at the Santuario de San Vicente de Paul  where he was ordained  Priest by Bishop Antonio  Tobias, the Ordinary  of the  Diocese of Novaliches.  Fifty Priests, mostly Vincentians , some Sisters and  Seminarians and several hundred  lay persons  came to witness  the Priestly Ordination. There  was also  an international audience with  people from Japan, Korea, Thailand,  Lebanon,  being present. As it coincided with the Superiors and Treasurers Meeting, the  “Paulitos Meeting”  and  the lectures of Fr.Manimtim and Pilario,  many  confreres took  occasion of the Ordination to  update themselves. Rene Bernardo of  the diocese  of Caloocan was  ordained deacon on the same day.

Fr. Hermy Colina hails from Cararayan, Tiwi, Albay. He is the son of Simeon and Aida and entered the Orientation  Year on June 9,2009, then emitted the Bon Propos on June 24, 2015.  His  first assignment  is to the  Parish  of Our Lady  of  the Miraculous Medal  in Calumpang, Molo, Iloilo.  His  Thanksgiving Mass will  be on August 21 in Tiwi, Albay.

Some Takeaways

  1. Colina  had many  Vincentians and lay  persons  to give him  support during the Ordination. 
  2. His Excellency  Bishop Antonio  Tobias  was   gracious in presiding at the  Ordination, delivered a short homily and stayed for  the sumptuous  lunch.
  3. The  choir under the baton of Seminarian Mark Martin was excellent, as always, with trumpet  blasts and all. 
  4. The sound system of  the Santuario was mercifully  cooperative enough for  people to  hear  the  beautiful thank you. 
  5. eager to show  off his Vincentian training by mentioning St. Vincent and the Poor dozen of times during the thank you part of the celebration. 
  6. hundreds of cameras  to record  the occasion.  In addition to the  official  photographers, dozens of cellphones were utilized by  relatives and friends.
  7. The catered food  had nothing left  to be desired.  It is  good  to  note that  the  people  not  only  enjoyed  the delicious food; they also enjoyed the time with friends and  relatives.

897. Symposium on Vincentian Charism

Around a hundred priests and seminarians  trooped to the SVST Auditorium at  221  Tandang  Sora  to listen to  Fr. Manny Manimtim and Fr. Danny  Pilario  speak  on the application  of Vincentian Charism in  our times.  Specifically, Fr. Manimtim   was given  the  topic “History of  Vincentian Charism”  but  he noted  that he was  modifying  the topic and  had a very  good presentation on the charism through three stages including, the  post-Vatican II.  Fr. Pilario  talked about Politics of  Power  and applied  it to the  present  day situation. Fr. Francis  Cruz and the CCF members did an excellent  job in preparing  and  holding the symposium.

The reactions were   very numerous and very interesting  indicating the  interest of  the Confreres  to  learn and  appreciate more  fully the  charism  of St. Vincent.  For  the added input on Vincentian charism and what other  Provinces are doing,  one can  go to CM global and also to FamVin and find  scholarly  and  interesting discussions on  the topic.  There is even a song accessible at the internet composed   for  the 400th Anniversary of the Vincentian Charism.

898. Korean Seminarians at DPH (July).  Fourteen  second  year Theology  students from South Korea  made  DePaul House their Center of  exposure  which included  a few days  in Payatas, one week in Nueva Ecija,  one week in institutions in Metro Manila, among other activities. It  was  very  interesting to observe and note  the excellent behavior  shown  by  these seminarians  who  will  be  priests within  a few  years.  All of them  looked eager, interested in their  vocation, and desirous  to  learn  English.  The  month long stay  at  DePaul House is  part of their summer exposure outside of  their own diocese.

The program consists of  three parts: immersion in the Urban Setting, immersion in  the  Rural  Setting and immersion in the Institutional  setting.  Up to  July 17, they have had  the “urban setting” in Payatas and have gone to Nueva Ecija for the “rural” setting immersion.

From  their  reports, they seemed  to have benefited and enjoyed their stay in Payatas living with their foster families.  They enjoyed  talking with the  people especially  the numerous and  playful  children  who come  running to meet them.  After a week in  Nueva Ecija, they came back to DPH and went to various  institutions, e.g. Hospicio de San Jose  for some more immersion  programs. All in all, it was a win-win situation , educational for them and inspiring to Filipinos.

899. Superiors and Treasurers Meeting in Angono (July 17-20).

Vincentian Hills  seminary, nestled on the  hills   of Angono, Rizal, became alive  not  only with the sound of music but also with   the  presence of  dozens of Superiors and Treasurers of  the  Philippine  Province.  They spent around four days  talking about  the usual problems related  to the important  offices of the local officials namely:  community life, prayer life, apostolic  life and finances.  The  whole  Provincial Council, headed by Fr. Gregg  Bañaga, was present.  There  were clear  and definitive proposals  on how to improve   community, apostolic and  prayer life.  At DePaul House, Fr. Jimmy Belita shared with  local  community some of the important proposals, including the  minutes of the house meetings which should be kept for historical purposes. There were also  important reports, notably  that of the Provincial Econome which highlighted  the economic state of  the Provincial finances.

900. Formation of Formators (July 27-28).

Practically  all the Vincentian Formators attended the one and a half day  seminar organized by CIF under the chairmanship of Fr. Raymond  Regua. It was an eye opener not only  for  those of us who have been in  formation for so many  years but also for  the  various  officers of the Province, including Fr.Gregg Bañaga, our new Provincial  Visitor. Many  topics were discussed  , notably  the sexual abuse Issue,  the  Asia-Pacific Common  Internal Seminary  in  the Philippines,, etc.  One can  feel  the interest and the many  preoccupations of the Formators not only during the talk and the question and answer period  but also  the  whole time that  they attended  the sessions.

The documents discussed  were:

- The  2014  Ratio  Formationis  of the Congregation of the  Mission.  Fr.  Bong Sarabia  presented  a beautiful Powerpoint presentation of the Ratio.

- The Gift of  Priestly  Vocation  “Ratio Fundamentalis Institutionis Sacerdotalis.

- Pastoral Guidelines of the CBCP.

Proposal. As  it was more or less a sounding board  about the formation of our future  Priests,  the group were asked  to make some  proposals: 1. On the  Internal Seminary of the Asia Pacific Region.  A committee was set up  to study  and make  proposal to the Provincial Visitor.  2. Professionalizing of our members and  collaborators.  There were  many  questions related  to addiction  problems that were  discussed and addressed.

901. Philippine Province 1872.

As all  of  you are aware,  July 29, 1872 is  the official date of the  becoming of the  Philippine  Vice Province into a  Province. But  few are aware  that : 1) the official name was “Province of  Manila;”  2) the first appointed Visitor of  the Province was Fr. Valdivielso who refused, kept the  appointment secret, resigned  and was  changed  by Fr. Diego Salmeron;  3) The first  Visitor of the Province of the Philippines was a Mexican…Fr. Diego Salmeron;  4)  when  the Philippines became a Province there were only 27  priests and  10 Brothers.

There are three pages in Vincentian in  the Philippines (pages 11-117; this is accessible on the Internet… “Vincentians in the Philippines”)  which  dealt  with  the interesting  transition of the  Philippine Vice Province into the Province of Manila.

902. Random News.

1. Fr. Exequiel Galeron, CM.  Fr. Exequiel  Gleron, CM  who was a formator in Angono and the last  Spanish Director of the  Daughters of Charity died in  Madrid,  Spain.    He was  84  years old. Let us offer our  prayers for this  zealous  missionary.

2. Presbyteral  Ordination of Hermy Colina, CM.  This year, the Province  was lucky to salvage one ordination.  As they say  in Spanish “pocos pero buenos.”  (Please see No.896). 

3. Happy Strangers. There were around 60 visitors from Payatas (20  parents and 40  children)  who came   last  July  29  at  DePaul  House.  Even though they are suffering from the loss of one of their  parents, after a little while,  they enjoyed their visit to  the DPH.  The children were shouting, running around and  enjoyed themselves  the whole afternoon. That was  the charism of St.Vincent at  work. (Please see no. 904).

4. Zealous Missionary.  Fr. Rolyn Vics, CM  who  is in working Australia sent  a long “sharing”  about his apostolate over there in  Down Under.  He  is an example of a zealous missionary  needed all over  the world. Those  of  you are  interested in getting a copy of his sharing  may  let me know  or  you can  contact him directly by  e-mail.

903. Retirement Home (Four weeks of July).

The  weeks of July  can  be described as catch-up week with  the workers  trying  the catch up  the backlog and the suppliers  trying to deliver the needed materials.  There were  two incidents  wherein  the delivery trucks got stuck  on  the  road  near the  Provincial House.  The  workers  had to empty  the  big  truck full of sand  which were  placed right on the road.  For  one week, the   road was impassable to  the  parishioners coming from Rosalia, Rema  subdivisions.  It  was interesting to watch  how  the  workers  put  the sand inside the  cement containers, carried them into the construction sight mano-a-mano.  The  galvanized iron (hierro)  are still to be delivered though  they were supposed  to arrive around the middle of July.

The  progress of the construction is quite  visible though.  One can  see  the trusses all welded, most of  the walls with cladding, and the important features of  the building are already  visible.  The  arches at the  top of the  recreation  hall  stands head and shoulder above  the  rest of  the building  as if beckoning for some artistic singers and  piano players  to play inside  its  nice  and spacious arcade.  The  walls of the  rooms are all  plastered  and waiting for  Boysen paint  to make   them  look even  more beautiful and pleasing to  the eye of the beholder.

904 . Happy Strangers: Payatas   Kids (July 29). How  do  you deal with  children who have lost   their  fathers to “Tokhang.” How can you  make  them happy?  Actually  the DePaul  House  became the center  of happiness and  laughter for several hours as around  40 small children (generally below ten)  were  brought in from the Payatas area where our  Parish  is located.  They have lost their fathers  but had their mothers or grandparents available  to stay  with  them.  Some seminarians and  some priests were around to  talk with them, to show  them some movies and  give some lecture to  the  mothers and grandparents.

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Fr. Rolando S. DelaGoza, CM