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Ten Inspiring Experiences During The STEWARDSHIP RETREAT (by: Fr. Rolando S. Delagoza, CM)
Date: March 04, 2014


Last February, Bishop Broderick Pabillo, the Auxiliary Bishop of Manila, gave the annual spiritual retreat to around 90 Vincentians in Angono, Rizal. Here are some inspiring experiences:

1. Fraternal community experience. Many of the confreres coming from the provinces and the foreign missions experienced the life together with friends.

2. Zealous experience. Watching the Bishop speak twice a day, giving the homily and listening to individual communications were inspiring experience of zeal.

3. Sacramental confession. Imagine around 40 priests confessing to one another; some confessing at the corridors, others at a corner room, others at the sacristy, still others near the altar. It was a humbling experience.

4. Theological experience. The talk of Bishop Pabillo was a tour de force in Holy Scripture, theology, patristics and history. Although he is a scripture scholar he delved into church documents in an amazing way.

5. Religious life experience. Bishop Pabillo encouraged the group by starting his talk on religious life with the phrase “duc in altum”.

6. Warning experience. It is interesting to note that the Bishop presented quite a few warning signs against immoral “surges” in our midst. He even warned against careerism among the clergy and the desire of having the best i-pod, best cars, luxurious condo, etc.

7. Holiness experience. Holiness is not only proximity to GOD but a meaningful and prayerful encounter with the LORD and His people.

8. Proclamation experience. As stewards of the word, priests are obliged to proclaim it in various ways—homily, catechetics, media, church design, way of life, etc.

9. Mission experience. The mission of priests is to build the church not just by organizing but also training in love, mutual support and witnessing.

10. Technology experience. While technology has a great part in the life of modern man, it should not be absolutized. The human person and his formation are important. Responsible formation boils down to self-formation, not techo-formation.