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Date: January 16, 2014

Answers to Trivia II: 

1. Which member of the Vincentian Family arrived in the Philippines before the CM? SSVP
2. How many Daughters of Charity arrived in the Philippines in 1862? FIFTEEN
3. Who is the famous Brother who founded the Escuela del Hermano in Cebu? HERMANO DEL RIO
4. Who was the first Vincentian-trained Filipino Cardinal to be appointed? CARDINAL SANTOS
5. Where did Graciano Lopez Jaena, the Filipino hero-propagandist, study? SAN VICENTE FERRER SEMINARY (JARO, ILOILO)
6. In what province in the Philippines was President Sergio Osmeña born? CEBU
7. Which hospital in Metro Manila did the Daughters first administer? SAN JUAN DE DIOS
8. Who brought the Legion of Mary to the Philippines? FR. GRACIA
9. Who was the first parish priest of the Christ the King in Naga? FR. GIMARINO
10. Fr. Jesus Cavanna, CM was born in which part of the Philippines? MANILA