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New CM Website
Date: December 31, 2013

After years of waiting, the Philippine Province of the Congregation of the Mission finally makes operational its official website http://www.cmphilippines.org.ph. The public now has the opportunity to have a glimpse of the lives and works of the Filipino Vincentian Fathers and Brothers and access basic information related to their apostolate. This is made possible by the assistance offered to the congregation by the Adamson University through Mr. Ruel and Mrs. Raquel Bermudez who shared their expertise in designing the website.

The website features the following:
1. Homepage: overviews the name, motto and charism of the congregation with inspirational photos and quotes.
2. About Us: contains Who We Are (provides a general description of the congregation and its Vision-Mission Statement), Houses (enumerates the local houses and communities with their respective contact details), Personnel (lists all active members of the congregation and their current assignments), Ministries (describes the rationale and composition of each of the 6 ministries), and Commissions (names the members of the 3 commissions and their ongoing operations)
3. News: narrates straight Vincentian news that recently happened within and without the country.
4. Provincial's Desk: features a personalized correspondence of the Provincial Visitor of the congregation that calls for a special attention.
5. Photo Gallery: displays memorable events in the life of the Province through collected photographs.
6. Donation: informs the public on how to financially help the congregation.
7. Contact Us: gives everyone a quick note on where and how to get in touch with the congregation.
8. Join Us: advertises Vocation Promotion materials for those interested to join the company.
9. Calendarium: reminds confreres of upcoming activities of the Province.
10. Poll: surveys opinions and sentiments of the public on timely and pertinent issues/queries.
11. Featured Article: presents special interesting articles written by contributing confreres.
12. Vincentian Family: links the viewers to existing websites of the Vincentian Family.
13. St. Vincent Quote for the Day: inspires website followers with daily words of wisdom from the founder himself.
14. Our Members: introduces the members of the congregation together with some of their basic biographical and vocational data and electronic addresses.
15. Newsletter Sign-Up: allows the public to receive notifications and news directly to their e-mail accounts.
16. Facebook Link: directs the viewer to the Official Facebook Account of the congregation.
17. Members Log-in: leads the user to sign-up and view private data exclusive only to the members of the congregation.

With this new form of communication that is updated bi-weekly, the Provincial Office hopes to facilitate exchange of correspondences and information among members, and at the same time, connects better with the general public, hoping that they will be inspired by the lives and works of the Filipino Vincentians around the world. RF